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Szybki kontakt: tel.: +48 68 363 81 88, e-mail:
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Welcome to Wentor company!


Wentor - Piotr Wentlant Company was founded in year 2002 and within a few years became a leading player on the Polish fireplace market.
Dynamic progress thanks to innovative, as for the fireplace market, ideas and development of the production.
But the most important factor was a Wentor’s own production of the fireplace insert Maxflam and  accessories. 

At this moment Wentor is working in two dimensions of trade:

  • a nationwide wholesale of the fireplace inserts and accessories,
  • export of its own products to most European countries.


We are an importer of the following companies:

Wentor Company focused on the production of fireplace inserts and wholesale. Currently, we cooperate with more than 600 companies from Poland and Europe. Our goal is to provide the highest standard of the customer service on Polish and European market. 

Thanks to this factors, our company is well-known and respected on the fireplace market in whole Europe.  
As a very well prospering company, we have won many awards, also from 2007 an exclusiveness for the biggest in Europe fireplaces brand MCZ- Italy. 

WENTOR has a 1500 m2 warehouse which allows the constant availability of our products for all our customers. Fireplace inserts and stoves from such companies as MCZ, RED, KOBOK, Thorma, Kawmet, Sergio Leoni, Cadel, GRENA insulation boards and the wide price range allows us to satisfy the needs of every customer, because our aim is the new standard in customer service.

WENTOR company has also something else – a 100% knowledge of our offer, as our aim is not only selling but also consulting. The customer can always discuss their doubts or simply get an advice.

The owner of the company, Piotr Wentlant, believes that the respect for the customer and conductive cooperation conditions are most important.

All companies that wishing to cooperate with us are welcome to contact us either by:


telephone: +48 68 363 81 88 int. 5.



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